What is this blog all about?

In.ten.tion.al  (AdJ)  Performed with awareness, Done on purpose, Deliberate

The Intentional Domestic is about enjoying the ride- and not waiting for a destination.  It is an intentional approach to daily life that addresses all things domestic.

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This is not a blog about being a perfect homemaker, mother or wife.  That would be exhausting!  This is about using intention when you are wearing those hats.


Finding purpose in our daily responsibilities not only makes them meaningful, but manageable”.    


Raise the vibration in your daily life.  Start with gratitude.  Put on some music, diffuse an essential oil, open the windows.  Clean to refresh the energy in your home.  Cook to nourish your body.  Get some fresh herb clippings from the garden.  Play outside.  That is the true essence of living with intention.  (Truth- “Got to give it up” by Marvin Gaye is a great song to listen too while chopping and dicing)

Mother Teresa Quote


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