Get to Know Me!

Midlife and loving it!

Artist.  Hippie at heart.  Pursuer of passion.  Living the creative life.

Mothering two amazing females.  Spouse to a very patient man.  Grateful.

2014 Ski Trip
2014 Ski Trip
Charlie Girl- my 14 year old baby
Charlie Girl- my 14 year old baby








Lover of family, friends, food, tequila, rye whiskey and wine.  Good wine.

Always about town turned homebody.

SELF-CARE advocate.

Meditation, yoga, exercise.  Paint, read, write.  GARDENING, yard work, nature.  Pray, visualize,  manifest.  Feed the birds.

Mother nature is nurturing.  Beach.  Mountains.

Quote by Mary Anne Radmacher


Peeling back the onion layer by layer.  Learning, growing, discovering.  Constantly changing.  Spiritual being having a human experience just hoping to get it right this time.

Turn up the music.  Sing, dance, put the windows down.  Live.  Laugh.  Love.