92 Acts of Self-Care

92 tools for good mental hygiene

What is self-care and why should you do it?  Self-care is crucial in our lives and it’s usually the first thing neglected when our schedules get busy.

Self-care is anything you do that puts you in a positive place physically, emotionally and/ or spiritually.  It is an intentional act of loving yourself.

Self-care Is Good Mental Hygiene.

Self-care allows us to be the best “me” possible.  It allows each of us to thrive even in the midst of a hectic schedule.

Additionally, you are not the only person that will benefit from a regime of self-care.  Read why self-care is THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR FAMILY.

The first basic rule of self-care:  Unplug.

I’ve seen lists all over that tout “binge watching Netflix” as self-care.  I tend to disagree with this suggestion.  We all know too much screen time is bad for our children so wouldn’t this apply to ourselves as well?  Take time out for yourself and unplug from electronic distraction.

One exception to the “NO screen-time” rule on this list is to go see a movie.  The act of going to a movie theater to see a movie is a very relaxing ritual (and a treat) for a lot of people.  If you are one of them- than this could be a really good act of self-care for you.

This is a comprehensive list.  It includes some things that are quick, easy and free.  It also includes things that require time and money.   Different acts will work better on different days.

Your job is to figure out what which ones actually nourish your soul.  Read through the list and see what speaks to you.  Some will sound great and others will totally turn you off.

I love doing yard work and pulling weeds is a favorite of mine.  However, baking and cleaning are simply the last things I would do if I am trying to show myself love and compassion.  I know plenty of bakers out there that simply relax and unwind in the kitchen.  I also know people who HATE pulling weeds or anything do with yard work.    Different strokes for different folks.

Second rule of self-care: Enjoy without GUILT.

How can you create feelings of calm, peace and happiness with guilt?  Thats right- you can’t!  This is hard for people did not have self-care modeled by adults when growing up.  Just keep going- you will get there!

Read through the following list and find what fits your soul!

92 Acts of Self-care

  1. Meditate
  2. Journal
  3. Write a bucket list
  4. Write out goals
  5. Practice gratitude
  6. Practice affirmations
  7. Practice mindfulness
  8. Read self-improvement/ inspirational/ motivational book
  9. Catch up on your magazines
  10. Create a vision board
  11. Drink glass of hot tea/ coffee
  12. Detox your body in any of the 28 ways described
  13. Exercise
  14. Hire a trainer
  15. Take a walk
  16. Ride a bike
  17. Swim
  18. Do yoga
  19. Sit in steam room/ sauna/ hot tub
  20. Play with a pet (read about the health benefits of pet ownership)
  21. Spend time outside
  22. Sunbathe
  23. Garden  (read about the health benefits of gardening)
  24. Plant flowers outside
  25. Pull weeds
  26. Birdwatching
  27. Put together an indoor floral arrangement
  28. Use aromatherapy (essential oils, incense, candles)
  29. Smudge yourself
  30. Smudge your home
  31. Smudge your office
  32. Create a sacred space or personal altar
  33. Take a bath
  34. Apply lotion to your hands and feet (legs/ arms)
  35. Get a massage
  36. Get a manicure
  37. Get a pedicure
  38. Get your haircut
  39. Get your hair colored
  40. Get a blowout
  41. Get a makeover
  42. Buy new makeup
  43. Get a facial
  44. Buy new skin products
  45. Go to a spa
  46. Get reflexology
  47. Get accupuncture
  48. Get reiki
  49. Work with crystals
  50. Try chanting
  51.  Sound healing
  52. Take a nap
  53. Sit in contemplation
  54. Pray
  55. Play a sport you enjoy
  56. Take a class
  57. Paint
  58. Draw
  59. Color
  60. Knit
  61. Needlepoint
  62. Scrapbook
  63. Do a puzzle
  64. Take photographs
  65. Look through old photo albums
  66. Go to a movie
  67. Go to a museum
  68. Go to an art gallery
  69. Go to a library
  70. Take a drive- roll the windows down and turn the radio up
  71. Go out to eat by yourself (eat mindfully and enjoy not having to clean up)
  72. Go out to eat with a friend
  73. See a therapist (yes I have one and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about- we all have issues we must deal with in this life- whether you have figured yours out yet or not)
  74. Prepare healthy food (think green smoothie)
  75. Take vitamins/ supplements
  76. Bake you favorite treats
  77. Cook a lavish meal and get out the china
  78. Put on music and sing
  79. Put on music and dance
  80. Play an instrument
  81. Go on a stay-cation
  82. Go on a vacation
  83. Go on a retreat
  84. Go on a girls trip
  85. Hire someone to clean the house
  86. Order your groceries online
  87. Order takeout for dinner (perfect if you have had a hurried day without any time for self-care)
  88. Organize
  89. Clean
  90. Decorate
  91. Re-arrange furniture
  92. Go to bed 1/2 hour earlier

Self-care is not selfish

So which ones are you going to add to your daily routine first?


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